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(edit) @a2a993   17 months rene removed obsolete legacy interface ng_0.9
(edit) @85fa10   17 months rene removed everything related to smtp-storage ng_0.9
(edit) @e23521   5 years rene version adjustments ng_0.9
(edit) @998c9e   5 years rene added compatibility changes for new charEncoding Menu ng_0.9
(edit) @99ced4   8 years rene moved upgrade-code to general overlay ng_0.9
(edit) @435a0f   8 years rene rearranged storageExtras -> identityDataExtras to cleanup and enable … ng_0.9
(edit) @238a98   8 years rene transferred some things into modules ng_0.9
(edit) @d8da4b   8 years rene changed imports to prevent namespace pollution ng_0.9
(edit) @184c6c   8 years rene rearranged tree structure / added build-script ng_0.9
(edit) @fadbc5   8 years rene restructured to increase overview ng_0.9
(edit) @c3feaa   8 years rene clean namespace from pollution ng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @4bb767   9 years just recognize changes of SMTP and Accounts ng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @2d024f   10 years rene added czech locale, tagged as 0.6.4 multiEditng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9 0.6.4
(edit) @47e2fc   10 years rene added locales, tagged as 0.6.0 multiEditng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9 0.6.0
(edit) @0c5476   10 years rene added initial locales multiEditng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @d3904b   11 years rene temporarily removed locales and tagged as 0.6pre2 lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(add) @97d350   11 years rene created new branch for upcoming 0.6 release. focus on … lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
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