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(edit) @16f697   12 years rene while storing, if base-id's are different and not to be saved, remove …
(edit) @f382e7   12 years rene rearranged and cleaned functions
(edit) @98ccf0   12 years rene adapted genericSendMessage was broken, for instance Drafts not saved. …
(edit) @da325b   12 years rene strict javascript cleanup
(edit) @70bc5b   12 years rene sometimes gAccountManager is not ready, so use local one instead
(edit) @88712e   12 years rene strict javascript cleanup
(edit) @c95645   12 years rene removing menuitem will fail if window was closed, so just try to …
(edit) @948e7f   12 years rene added option to show error console in 3pane window. hidden by default, …
(edit) @395a1c   12 years rene tagged as 0.5.6pre7
(edit) @86ec46   12 years rene cleaned genericSendMessage, rearranged some functions.
(edit) @371535   12 years rene moved dynamic loading of prefDialog to prefDialogOpener.xul, because …
(edit) @640946   12 years rene tagged as 0.5.6pre6
(edit) @a11c79   12 years rene store Identities before sending, else there are problems at least on …
(edit) @861b8b   12 years rene construct rdf-source URI from UNC, to enable other places than file:// .
(edit) @9c7348   12 years rene check for quickupgrade failed if there was no previous information.
(edit) @79c6c5   12 years rene added id for windows/dialogs to prevent external calls to …
(edit) @ddb9c5   12 years rene changed for javascript strict
(edit) @4062d1   12 years rene removed option to copy enigmail presets, not required because enigmail …
(edit) @bb5f98   12 years rene optimized dialog layout for TB<3.0a2 and SM
(edit) @e47856   12 years rene store gMsgCompose to access it after msgComposeDialog was closed (to …
(edit) @dc9c4c   12 years rene awOnBlur might be triggered in send process, than element might not be …
(edit) @a489c4   12 years rene tagged as 0.5.6pre5
(edit) @873216   12 years rene hide pref-Tabs if saving Drafts/Templates? is not available. Enable to …
(edit) @086fb7   12 years rene lizense adaption / thanks to mozilla developers
(edit) @cc4b19   12 years rene adapted FolderPicker? to new css-driven Style (see …
(edit) @3e173f   12 years rene tagged as 0.5.6pre4
(edit) @ee3d90   12 years rene added tooltip for statusmenu
(edit) @6e77d5   12 years rene tagged as 0.5.6pre3
(edit) @b5331b   12 years rene changed style and copyd icon to local to have a close button in seamonkey
(edit) @f4caf5   12 years rene set minimum height to 60px (else scrollbar is hidden)
(edit) @49dcdd   12 years rene compareMatrix was not the required one, so give it back on comparison …
(edit) @e11e2c   12 years rene changed and repaired for seamonkey 1.11.1
(edit) @a26656   12 years rene implemented new notifcation-box. Now using textfield.
(edit) @577806   12 years rene bugfix to re-enable editing drafts / smart draft in TB 3
(edit) @762f6c   12 years rene changed variable name to prevent conflict with TB 1.5
(edit) @6bf160   12 years rene if replying from Sent folder, use SmartDraft? instead of SmartReply?
(edit) @69f42b   12 years rene comparison broken if extras not exists. repaired.
(edit) @6b7d14   12 years rene tagged as 0.5.6pre2
(edit) @ff1a50   12 years rene smart_reply_ignoreFullName feature was lost since 0.5.3 (?). Readded …
(edit) @25a9a8   12 years rene typo in variable name
(edit) @509185   12 years rene typo in variable name
(edit) @34c42d   12 years rene tagged as 0.5.6pre
(edit) @dc51fc   12 years rene show base_id_key if debug-mode is active
(edit) @b2a1fb   12 years rene bugfix for seamonkey 1.11.1
(edit) @2320b39   12 years rene debug-code (commented out for release)
(edit) @6790bb   12 years rene improved layout
(edit) @4326ae   12 years rene query before replacing timestamp
(edit) @2d7c4a   12 years rene changed Dialog layout, finalized. Now CompareMatrix? is partially …
(edit) @b73004   12 years rene added layouted output (getCompareMatrix) to comparison of storageExtras
(edit) @218ad9   12 years rene use new Dialog and StatusMenu? Implementation
(edit) @103470   12 years rene always store base identity - might be required later
(edit) @b24a38   12 years rene use statusmenu as indicator if base_id should be stored
(edit) @7f2d53   12 years rene added option to select default storing of underlaying base identity
(edit) @ed9248   12 years rene if base id is not stored, show no value instead of "default" label
(edit) @7a2f20   12 years rene gAccountManager is not always available, use own one
(edit) @49a198   12 years rene layouted Dialog
(edit) @b05215   12 years rene added code for statusmenu
(edit) @b89f87   12 years rene added StatusMenu?-Button to switch storing mode.
(edit) @50271b   12 years rene changed to support css and parse html. Required by upcoming layouted …
(edit) @ea9884   12 years rene ensure that identityObject holds only valid id and smtp information
(edit) @9fb97c   12 years rene merging of SmartReply? and Storage was broken / changed prototype
(edit) @055153   12 years rene fix for #73. if base identity is not set, use the current one, not the …
(edit) @9e925d   12 years rene enabled quick-upgrade for small upgrade-steps (one version upwards)
(edit) @331901   12 years rene tagged as 0.5.5
(edit) @057479   12 years rene TB 1.5 has no ReplyFollowsParent?, disabled for this version
(edit) @b13a12   12 years rene repaired broken last commit; TB 1.5 has no NotifyComposeBodyReady?
(edit) @b9a8f87   12 years rene simplified version comparison
(edit) @ff647c   12 years rene TB 1.5 has no ReplyFollowsParent?, disabled for this version
(edit) @28c1a0   13 years rene virtual identites with base_id set are now used differently: first …
(edit) @1c4459   13 years rene call InitRelyToFields? in stage 2, fields are not ready before
(edit) @6a7f7e   13 years rene SmartIdentity? should never remove addresses if they are reply-to or …
(edit) @de26ca   13 years rene tagged as 0.5.5pre3
(edit) @507ef5   13 years rene broken commit 295
(edit) @fc7e09   13 years rene repaired reply-to error with pre TB3.0 versions
(edit) @d61ab0   13 years rene reply-to cleanup was broken, repaired
(edit) @551bc4   13 years rene can't handle overlays for own xul's with seamonkey 1.1.11,so disable …
(edit) @983f92   13 years rene seamonkey 1.1.11 has different place forrequired locales
(edit) @28198b   13 years rene pre 3.0 versions had problems with retrieving an attribute if set. So …
(edit) @581917   13 years rene tagged as second pre-release of 0.5.5
(edit) @7991d3   13 years rene skip adding found header-parts if they contain no email address
(edit) @65eabe   13 years rene detect mailing-lists and prevent using 'to' header as sender
(edit) @f606f9   13 years rene added default folders for fcc, drafts and templates to prevent broken …
(edit) @c76460   13 years rene unified debugging output
(edit) @77bf0b   13 years rene localIdentitydata is internal Element
(edit) @aa6eea   13 years rene tagged as 0.5.5pre
(edit) @0872b5   13 years rene hide original Identitymenu (was deactivated for debugging)
(edit) @7dbac2   13 years rene changed to use always the menuitem as a base to set the new identity.
(edit) @23d242   13 years rene added debug message
(edit) @e3608a   13 years rene Recipient-Fields are ready only after NotifyComposeBodyReady?. Has to …
(edit) @e94667   13 years rene small bugfix
(edit) @ee25fd   13 years rene tagged as 0.5.4 0.5.4
(edit) @d55796   13 years rene comparison of missing fullNames was broken
(edit) @43a1e5   13 years rene fix for ticket 63: added option to fcc to reply directory
(edit) @99a542   13 years rene menuitem should recognize (and restore) extras-values
(edit) @a4fc8b   13 years rene storing of user-defined attributes was broken. Menuitems didn't worked …
(edit) @b5cb34   13 years rene tagged as 0.5.3 0.5.3
(edit) @2f6899   13 years rene tagged as 0.5.3pre10
(edit) @e07880   13 years rene ignore Bcc fields if configured in Identity settings.
(edit) @fc564f   13 years rene tagged as 0.5.3pre9
(edit) @9250ea   13 years rene init not triggered with TB 1.5 (debian) and Seamonkey
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