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(edit) @01eff0   7 years rene added hidden option to alert on javascript errors ng_0.9
(edit) @ecb992   7 years rene changes required for enigmail >=1.7 ng_0.9
(edit) @509348   7 years rene code formatting (no code changes) ng_0.9
(edit) @18a879   7 years rene added debug-to-file option ng_0.9
(edit) @c55313   7 years rene added option to search matching BaseIdentity? based on domain name ng_0.9
(edit) @21bab3   7 years rene added switch to show/hide status informations ng_0.9
(edit) @a8f017   9 years rene added new config for Date-Format in Storage-Editor ng_0.9
(edit) @ca4823   10 years rene continue to change pref-usage into module (nearly done) ng_0.9
(edit) @ee5fe6   10 years rene implemented configurable Timestamps ng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @350214   11 years just identity selector, still unimplemented and missing dtd ng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @90ff39   11 years just moved extraAddedHeader into pref-variable ng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @be337d   12 years rene added option to hide crypto-signatures on virtualID usage multiEditng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @ef65ae   12 years rene fix/enhancement for #161 lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @591297   12 years rene bugfix for #162, missed changed name of pref. lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @d1f668   12 years rene implementation of SMTP storage / change of interface lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @0ba9d1   12 years rene implemented switch to use existing Identities without interaction lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @6b2031   12 years rene rearranged prefDialog, added option noFCC (not yet implemented) lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @292d78   13 years rene added option for not RFC-compliant SMTP servers which don't add … lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(add) @97d350   13 years rene created new branch for upcoming 0.6 release. focus on … lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
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