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(edit) @6561c4   12 years rene tagged as 0.6.0pre6 lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9 0.6.0pre6
(edit) @24242a   12 years rene tagged as 0.6.0pre5 lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9 0.6.0pre5
(edit) @1fa360   12 years rene tagged as new version 0.6.0pre4 lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9 0.6.0pre4
(edit) @5d50bb   12 years rene tagged as 0.6.0pre3 lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9 0.6.0pre3
(edit) @3d0a0f   12 years rene compatibility with Seamonkey 2.0pre lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @bdfae4   12 years rene changed for TB 3.0pre compatibility lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @fb925a   12 years rene enabled compatibility for TB and SM previews, changed version tag lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9 0.6.0pre2
(edit) @d3904b   13 years rene temporarily removed locales and tagged as 0.6pre2 lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @0d47d1   13 years rene made compatible with 3b3pre lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @74f9c7   13 years rene tagged as 0.6.0pre1 lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9 0.6.0pre1
(edit) @5f3c9a   13 years rene compatibility with TB 3.0b2pre and SM 2.0a3pre lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(edit) @9d0ad3   13 years rene compatibility with 3.0b2pre lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
(add) @97d350   13 years rene created new branch for upcoming 0.6 release. focus on … lite_0.1multiEditng_0.6ng_0.6_helpng_0.8ng_0.9
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