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#108 more identity for one recipient email address assigned rene enhancement 0.6.0pre
#141 make stored identities Account-dependent new rene enhancement 0.6.0pre1
#163 Signature inserted twice at top of message; cursor at bottom new defect 0.6.5
#170 Multiple Reply-To's when using Smart Reply and changing sender again assigned rene defect 0.6.0pre8
#185 Would like to select identity easier new enhancement 0.5.12
#188 Matching of identities appears to be case-sensitive reopened defect 0.6.8
#222 Russian translation + some suggestions reopened enhancement 0.5.13
#276 No mail sending possible after selecting different identity reopened rene defect 0.6.8
#291 when i try to send a message, i get an java script application error assigned rene defect 0.6.6
#296 Email address detection adds a quotation mark to email address new defect 0.6.8
#297 Virtual ID Colours new defect 0.6.8
#300 Error with Enigmail and Virtual Identity new defect 0.6.8
#319 Virtual Identity based on recipient and account / folder new enhancement 0.6.8
#340 How to associate an SMTP server with an identity? reopened defect 0.8.0
#358 undefined entities in Virtual Identity 0.7.3 new defect 0.7.3
#369 height with Reply-to Synchronization reopened Alx defect 0.8.7
#372 use email as storage key, add multiple names to email new enhancement 0.9pre3
#388 Some Virtual Identity Dialog Recommendations :) assigned rene enhancement 0.8.8
#399 Incorrect operation of the Virtual Identity when using multiple recipients new Vinser enhancement 0.8.9
#403 Messages incorrectly identified as sent instead of received new defect 0.9.9
#415 Recording is saved with the same date (created / used) new Vinser defect 0.9.13
#416 I can not send my messege - no reaction if I press "send" new defect 0.9.13
#417 Automatically guess Base Identity & SMTP from Virtual Identity reopened enhancement 0.9.13
#419 send blockade by joined send of several already listed target adresses used with different sender adresses new Sir_Toby defect 0.9.13
#420 HELP : virtual identity don't working !?! new defect 0.9.13
#425 complete disfunctional with thunderbird 24.2.0 new defect 0.9.15
#426 Autogenerate Identities new enhancement 0.9.15
#437 Reply from New Virtual ID Erases Refrenced Mail Text new defect 0.9.19
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