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#163 new defect

Signature inserted twice at top of message; cursor at bottom

Reported by: Keith S. <mozkeith2@…> Owned by:
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Upgraded to 0.6.0pre6, and I think the changes for bug 159 may have caused another problem. (The symptoms aren't the same, so I thought it would be best to log a separate bug.)

When replying to a message with a recipient that has a stored virtual identity, it is inserting the signature TWICE, and doing so at the top of the reply message. The cursor is then placed at the bottom, after the original message.

However, I've tested with about a dozen different stored identities, and this only happens for one. I see nothing in the data storage editor that differentiates this one problematic entry from the others. All of the entries other than the name match for those that work.

Is it possible that something in the email header itself is causing this to happen?

I can provide message headers upon request, as well as the VI rdf file (as long as it's not made public here!)

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by rene

Hi Keith,

can you provide a debug-log (including versions of all extensions) of the case when it happens? (think of replacing email-addresses before posting)

Thanks for the report, Nice regards, Rene

Changed 13 years ago by Keith S. <mozkeith2@…>

Attachment: ticket163-debug.log added

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by Keith S. <mozkeith2@…>

Hi Rene,

A debug log is attached. This doesn't happen for every message, but it does happen with this one every time I reply. I've also reproduced with the most recent pre9 release.

Hope this helps.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by rene

Hi Ken,

can you check if this is still an issue with 0.6.0rc3? Not that I had changed something which shoudl fix this, but if it's still a problem I will investigate this issue again... Does switching directly with SignatureSwitch Extension works for you?

Nice regards & happy new year, Rene

comment:4 Changed 13 years ago by Keith S. <mozkeith2@…>

Hi Rene,

This issue is still reproducing with 0.6.0rc3. Again, not with all messages, but certain ones.

I haven't tried with Signature Switch -- I disabled that add-on because it was introducing even more problems with signatures.


comment:6 Changed 12 years ago by mozkeith2@…

Version: 0.6.0pre60.6.5

Haven't been here in a while to check up, but just FYI, this still reproduces with 0.6.5 from time to time. Most recently, I went through the Data Settings Editor this time and made sure all identities associated with the recipient had base identities and SMTP servers defined, but no change.

Let me know if you want a fresh set of debug logs and/or message headers.

comment:7 Changed 12 years ago by rene

Hi Keith,

thanks for keeping me up-to-date, hoped that this problem will get solved by time, but anyway. Currently busy, I will ask for new information if I'll find the time to investigate the problem further - thanks for your help,

nice regards,


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