Nov 22, 2009:

12:58 PM Ticket #179 (Thunderbird 3 support) created by anonymous
Please update for Thunderbird 3. Thank you.

Nov 19, 2009:

5:43 PM Ticket #178 (Virtual Identity Install Problem) created by greenbottle@…
VI goes through one or sometimes 3 menus in the install window and …

Nov 17, 2009:

11:34 PM Ticket #177 (Postbox Support) created by absorb.it@…
Your add-on is without a doubt, the most necessary one I use. Any …

Nov 12, 2009:

5:36 AM TracWiki edited by anonymous

Nov 10, 2009:

8:27 PM Ticket #176 (VI chooses wrong virtual identity) created by dcarpenter-virtualidentity@…
Hello Rene - This is with v0.5.11 actually. Sometimes VI seems to …

Nov 9, 2009:

8:45 PM Ticket #175 (installation problem) closed by rene
invalid: Hi, version 2.0b1pre is month's older than 2.0, therefore it won't …
6:07 PM Ticket #175 (installation problem) created by pmamds@…
Hello. Although your SeaMonkey? add-on page says, "works with …

Nov 6, 2009:

6:52 PM Changeset [1bac11]multiEditng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9 by rene <rene@…>
adapted windows to support resizing

Nov 5, 2009:

9:38 PM Ticket #169 (Request for a variable-sized window to view Virtual Identity Data Storage) reopened by anonymous
Hi Rene - I replied to this awhile back, but apparently you did not …
8:37 PM HistoryPage edited by rene
pre-release 0.6.0pre9 (diff)
8:00 PM WikiStart edited by rene
preview 0.6.0pre9 (diff)
8:00 PM DownloadPage edited by rene
preview 0.6.0pre9 (diff)
7:52 PM Changeset [78cd2b]multiEditng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.90.6.0pre9 by rene <rene@…>
tagged as 0.6pre9
7:35 PM Ticket #169 (Request for a variable-sized window to view Virtual Identity Data Storage) closed by rene
worksforme: closing the ticket, no reply on request when this happens. Please …
6:28 PM Changeset [3eb68a]multiEditng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9 by rene <rene@…>
compatibility with SeaMonkey? 2.0
6:27 PM Changeset [47e482]multiEditng_0.6ng_0.8ng_0.9 by rene <rene@…>
modified debug-output

Oct 30, 2009:

11:35 PM Ticket #174 (List box with SMTP serwers not showing descriptions) created by Piotr Dobrogost
Combo box used to choose identity shows descriptions of smtp …

Oct 28, 2009:

2:54 PM SandBox edited by anonymous

Oct 27, 2009:

10:51 AM Ticket #173 (Permit negation when filtering addresses) created by cbhaley@…
It would be very convenient (for me) if I could use a 'negative' …
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