Feb 2, 2011:

12:09 AM Ticket #302 (confusion) created by bill2@…
The options are confusing to me, i could not tell what was going to …

Jan 31, 2011:

12:40 AM docs/0.6/tab0/tree2 edited by absorb-it@…
Regular expression for all remaining addresses (diff)

Jan 23, 2011:

2:41 PM docs/0.7/tab5/tree2 created by rene
2:40 PM docs/0.7/tab5/tree1 created by rene
2:40 PM docs/0.7/tab5/tree0 created by rene
2:39 PM docs/0.7/tab4/tree4 created by rene
2:38 PM docs/0.7/tab4/tree3 created by rene
2:38 PM docs/0.7/tab4/tree2 created by rene
2:37 PM docs/0.7/tab4/tree1 created by rene
2:35 PM docs/0.7/tab4/tree0 created by rene
2:33 PM docs/0.7/tab3/tree4 created by rene
2:32 PM docs/0.7/tab3/tree3 created by rene
2:32 PM docs/0.7/tab3/tree2 created by rene
2:31 PM docs/0.7/tab3/tree1 created by rene
2:30 PM docs/0.7/tab3/tree0 created by rene
2:29 PM docs/0.7/tab2/tree1 created by rene
2:28 PM docs/0.7/tab2/tree0 created by rene
2:27 PM docs/0.7/tab1/tree0 edited by rene
2:20 PM docs/0.7/tab1/tree1 edited by rene
2:20 PM docs/0.7/tab1/tree2 created by rene
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2:16 PM docs/0.7/tab0/tree3 created by rene
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2:15 PM docs/0.7/tab0/tree1 created by rene
2:15 PM docs/0.7/tab0/tree0 created by rene

Jan 19, 2011:

5:23 PM Ticket #301 (If (From == To) don't use that address in replies.) created by WBT
A common case for sending e-mail is for a sender to use their own …

Jan 6, 2011:

4:48 PM Ticket #188 (Matching of identities appears to be case-sensitive) reopened by Mozilla@…
It seems this bug has crept back in sometime before/as of version …

Jan 3, 2011:

9:34 PM Ticket #300 (Error with Enigmail and Virtual Identity) created by absorb-it@…
When I answer e-mails which are encrypted with Enigmail (1.1.2) I …
2:40 PM Ticket #298 (Virtual Identity Error: Can't change Identity before Sending.) closed by rene
invalid: closing ticket, please reopen if still relevant…
2:39 PM Ticket #299 (store signature with identity) closed by rene
wontfix: Hi Werner, to switch the signatures for different recipients use the …
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