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release 0.6.6


This is the right place to get the Virtual Identity Extension. This extension can also found at, however versions there might be outdated cause of the lengthy and unpredictable review process.

Beside the only difference between the versions found here and the ones which might be published at is where the update-link points to. All releases (above 0.5.2) found in my download directory check updates against my own site, so you'll have an up-to-date extension synchronous to the development steps. If you don't want to trust me and prefer to let the extension be checked from before you use it, download the extension from their site - the update-link will than point to ether.



The most recent stable Virtual Identity Extension can always be downloaded from here. After a smaller or even longer delay the version might show up at Current stable release is version 0.6.6.

There is currently no up-ti-date documentation of 0.6. Please refer to the documentation for 0.5.2 and create a ticket if some questions remain. I will try to update the documentation soon.

pre release

There is no current pre-release, bug-fixes are going into trunk.