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     2= Frequently Asked Questions =
     3Here are some informations which might be helpful for you, not really frequently asked but hopefully useful. Feel free to add your own question as a [ ticket].
     5== What is this Base Identity? ==
     6The Base Identity is the Identity which is used to build the virtual Identity upon. In a simple situation you open the !MessageCompose-Dialog and start to write an email. One if a permanently stored Identity is shown in the Identity-Selection. If you now change the Name of the sender, the extension will create a virtual Identity based on the former shown (and so called Base) Identity. Settings like SMTP or return receipts might be used from the base Identity.
     8If you store the information, which base Identity was used, a later usage of the same virtual Identity will be first choosing the base identity and then changing the relevant thing (like Name). If you don't store the base identity it will just change the settings of the currently selected Identity.
     10== How to move Virtual Identity Configuration from one computer to another (Import/Export or sync)? ==
     11In the Storage RDF reference (even if it's not up-to-date) you can find some related information. Just copy the virtualIdentity.rdf from one profile to another and it should work.
     13The only remaining problem is that stored virtual Identities probably contain information about the base identity (on which to build upon a new identity) and an SMTP server. Both informations are coded the same way Thunderbird used to do it, so they are named by keys, like id2 or smtp2. If those keys don't match on different computers the relation will be wrong. You can check and adapt those id's in the prefs.js file, but take care. You might break your mail account settings if you make it wrong there.