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Identities will be stored just before your email get's sent. If you don't trust the storage schema of virtual identity, which might override your settings occasionally, deactivate automatic saving of identities. [on by default][1]

Beside your identity the base identity - the identity which was changed into your virtual identity - might be stored too. This can ensure to reuse related settings like SMTP or vCards next time you are mailing to the same recipient.[off by default]

Additionally you might decide to store the used SMTP to use the same later, this feature is also [off by default]

If there are conflicts between currently used and currently stored identities you might choose to get asked before the identity in your storage is updated. This is also nice warning preventing you from using a different identity for any recipient - it is [on by default].

If there are some conflicts between currently used and stored identities for some recipients, you might get warned and sending might be aborted. If you don't like this to happen if you are sending you mail to multiple recipients, which might have different related identities, use the related switch. It is [on by default] but might drop some relevant warnings - deactivate to be on the safe side.

[1] depending on your 'Compose Dialog' configuration these settings can be finally changed while composing your mail - see the related tab

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