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     3<div class="system-message">
     4This page is part of Virtual Identities Online Documentation. It can be changed by anyone - please respect this and help to make the Documentation better. Write comments or suggestions to just at absorb dot it.
     8= Source Mail =
     9== Read Identities ==
     10Enter all headers which should be read and used as a base to retrieve the identity. The '''order of''' the mentioned '''headers is important''', addresses which were found earlier might be preferred for Selection at the End. Just give in as many names of headers as you like to look at. The default settings should work in most use-cases anyway. ![1]
     12Sometimes headers are occurring multiple times in one email, by adding a ':' and a number you are able to select a special occurrence of a header. This means, 'received:2' will add all Identities found in the second received-header (beginning from top of the mail) to the list of possible Identities, 'received' will instead add all Identities from all received-headers to this list.
     14Another option is to add an ':@' to the selected header (for instance received:@'), this will only use the email address and ignore the rest, which is otherwise used as the Senders full name.
     16These options can be combined. For example, 'received:2:@' will only use the email addresses found in the second received header.
     18There will be '''no check, if the result is really any useful mail address''' - check this before adding additional headers by looking into your mail headers.
     21[1] activate the debug-output to understand what's going on