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     8= Compose Dialog =
     9== Composing ==
     10If you like to send any new email with a unique identity, you can activate the '''timestamp feature'''. This feature is '''''[off by default]'''''.
     12The '''format of the timestamp''' is the same as the format used in the [ strftime-syntax]. Unusable characters will be replaced with '_'. '''''[default empty = unix time]'''''
     14Use '%l' for the localpart and '%d" for the domain of the previous address and use '%t' for the timestamp to define the '''format of the resulting email''' address. '''''[default %l%t@%d]'''''
     16If you like to remove the current '''text or html signature''' from your emails while using a virtual identity, you have to install the signature switch extension. Virtual Identity will than trigger the deactivation or reactivation of your signatures. '''''[off by default]'''''
     18Additionally you can deactivate the attachment of any '''S/MIME or PGP signatures''' here - the later only if enigmail is installed. Both options are '''''[off by default]''''' and will deactivate the signatures as soon as a virtual identity is used.
     20Sometimes it is required to set your own senders address as a '''reply-to address'''. You can do this with any virtual identity too, but be aware that this additional reply-to address will be added directly before you send this email. This feature is '''''[off by default]'''''