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     8= Storage =
     9== Identiy ==
     10To find the right identity for any recipient you can go two ways. One way is to check any selected mail on which for instance your reply's are based on.![1] Another way is to store some identity information for any recipient you are sending some email.
     12The '''usage of this identity-storage''' can be globally activated here, it is '''''[on by default]'''''. You can also open the storage-editor from this tab.
     14Generally the identity for any recipient is read as soon as the recipient is entered and the address-field is left. You will probably be asked what should be done if you are already using a virtual identity.
     16After pressing the send-button the current identity will be saved to the recipients - recipients are stored with full name and email address exactly as shown in your address field. Later matches will only occur against complete recipient matches - if you don't like that, you can manually create related filters.
     18Use the other tree-items to fine-tune the storage, usually it will work without modification.
     21![1] These features are called 'Smart' and can be configured in the 'Source Mail' tab