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     4This page is part of Virtual Identities Online Documentation. It can be changed by anyone - please respect this and help to make the Documentation better. Write comments or suggestions to just at absorb dot it.
     8= Storage =
     9== Reading ==
     10If storage is activated, the entered recipient will be searched in the storage. The configuration on this page refers only to individually entered recipients - to configure the behaviour while replying to any mail or editing a draft check the 'Selection' tab.
     12After entering a new recipient and leaving the address field all results found in storage will be added to the identity dropdown menu.![1]
     14If you already changed your identity into an virtual identity, it can be assumed that you had done this for purpose. Therefore the extension will '''ask before replacing''' your virtual identity '''''[on by default]'''''
     16To prevent getting asked again and again for every recipient, storage can be '''ignored after the first identity''' was successfully retrieved from your storage. This will work fine if you are using the same identity for any possible group of recipients you are using. It is '''''[on by default]'''''.
     19![1] to understand what's happening while searching the storage it is useful to activate the debug output (see last tab).