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Bug Reports

  • 2007-04-05 Access key for "From" field does not work

In latest version, modifier key to active the drop-down "From" dialog (Alt-R in Windows) no longer works. You need to click on the account name (right-hand side) or contact icon to activate the drop-down. For an accessible workaround, you can use the tab key to change focus to the From field, then shift-tab to set the focus to the contact icon. There will be no visible indication, but you can then use the up and down arrows to change to a predefined identity. (Verified in TB 1.5.)

  • 2007-04-05 Does not work with Enigmail

Latest version of does not properly allow the changing of pre-made identities such that the enigmail preferences get loaded. For example, if I have two different identities, one which uses enigmail encryption and one which doesn't, switching identities in the compose window does not load the new identity's enigmail settings.

  • 2006-01-23 Does not bring window to front

The window which lets you select the virtual identity, appears behind the message window, making the extension pretty useless unless you know to search for the window.

  • 2006-01-16 Doesn't work with BCC

If you're BCC'ed in the mail, it will pick up any 'to' address and not give you a dropdown choice to use one of your standard identities. This would be a good feature: like you can select the mailserver, allow a dropdown selection for the possible virtual identities and standard identities, or support an option to always list the possible identities in the selection dialog. Using v0.3.4, like it a lot!

  • 12.28.2005 Smart Reply Insensitive to Full Name

You cannot use different Full Names with the same Email-Address. Smart Reply just seems to pick up the first one for the email address and ignore the Full Name. I suggest that there be a setting which allows for Smart Reply to notice different Full Names on the same Email-Address. Other than that, excellent enhancement! Thanks!

+Thuderbird 1.0.7, Virtual Identity v 0.3.4
  • 9.5.2005 Paragraph style Drop-Down Menu inoperable if VirtualIdentity installed Bill reported, that if he tries to send any email in html-mode, the "drop-down menu on the left just above the compose area which selects paragraph style (Body Text, preformatted, etc.) becomes inoperable. Sometimes the style disappears, (leaving a very narrow menu), other times it appears but can't be selected. I can still select style by choosing Format / Paragraph." (cited email)
    Thunderbird 1.0.2, V0.2.4b, standard theme. Thanks for reporting to Bill.
    I created a test extension, to hunt the bug, but still didnt found it. if you try to help debugging, check the virtual-identity-bugtest-extensionexternal link.
  • 25.11.2004 ACCOUNT DIRECTORYS IN YOUR PROFILE ARE NOT REMOVED - should be cleaned for linux from v.0.2.2, still open in Windows, unknown on Macs While using Virtual Identity a new Accout is temporary created. This adds a new Directory to store the Mails named 'VirtualIdentity' or 'VirtualIdentity-X', maybe containing a own Sent, Junk, Trash etc. file.
    For Linux: .mozilla/default/random.default/Mail/ or .thunderbird/default/random.default/Mail/
    For XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\random.default\Mail

    It should be save to remove them (but only the VirtualIdentity directories !) after sending the Mail, next Versions will hopefully not create them. DONT DELETE ANYTHING WITHOUT A BACKUP OF THE WHOLE DIRECTORY IF YOU DONT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING, YOU MIGHT LOOSE YOUR STORED EMAILS Many thanks to Douglas for reporting this, sorry for your trouble.
    UPDATE 5.4.2005 Willy found that the reason for the folder-problem might be found in Bug 267890external link. Now we are on the hunt, if you can help, please contact me.


  • 3.3.2005 THERE IS NO BUTTON! Marc reported that there was no extra Button in the message-compose-dialog in his Mozilla (win 1.7.5). He had to switch the theme from 'modern' to a different one (appollo and classic) and then back to the modern theme again to get the button. Please report, if you have the same problem (with info about your moz.-version and the theme). Thanks to Marc for the report and the solution. update 13.3.2005 Adrian reported that it happened on his XP Home since he installed the 03-12-08-aviary1.0.1 build. Switching to another theme didnt worked for him. I changed something in 0.3.0, and i hope this bug is removed now.
  • 23.3.2005 USED THE WRONG SMTP If you used Virtual Identity without explicitly changing the SMTP by using the dropdown-menu it provided, it used the default SMTP-Server. If you had choosed a special one in your account settings for the account you are going too change,this was ignored. repaired in 0.2.3
  • 7.10.2004 (reported 3 times) SMTP-changes not working: Douglas reported, that the choosen SMTP-server is not used to send email on his system. It'll only work, if he uses the default-smtp-server setting in the account settings dialog. I couldn't recover this error on my machine, it should work independent of your previously choosen smtp. Thanks to Douglas for reporting, same effect reported by Seth and Phillip, there must be really something, but I just dont got it. If you have the same problem, please report names and versions of all parallel installed extensions to me, Thanks.
  • 26.10.2004 (reported 1 time) Faked Identity is stored in Account settings and used for all following mails. Reported by Adam, and really shouldnt happen - just still dont know why. Thanks for reporting.
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Access key for "From" field not working in 0.4.0/TB 1.5
on: Mon 02 of Apr, 2007 [23:16 UTC] score: 0.59 Vote: 1 2 3 4 5

Not sure if I have 0.4.0pre2 or 0.4.0 — either you auto-updated a pre-release version, or these pages are just a little behind.

Anyway, I'm using TB, and it used to be the case (with VI 0.3.4), that I could use the Alt-r modifier key to access the dropdown list in the From field in order to select from among multiple accounts. That key is no longer working in 0.4.0 — I now have to physically click on the field to get the dropdown. Worse still, I have to click specifically on the account name or the address book icon, which REALLY slows things down.

It'd be great if you could fix this soon; it's only been a few hours with the new version, but this is probably enough of a nuisance to make me downgrade for the time being.


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Thunderbird 2.0b2
on: Fri 09 of Feb, 2007 [08:48 UTC] score: 0.61 Vote: 1 2 3 4 5

It seems like this extension works as it should on Thunderbird2.0b2 with Nightly Tester Tools installed.

I guess it would be fairly easy to produce a real version for the 2.0x series?

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Aw: Thunderbird 2.0b2
on: Fri 09 of Feb, 2007 [11:43 UTC] score: 0.59 Vote: 1 2 3 4 5


working on it. You can test the preview-version, if you like: link

...but the upcoming version will differ a lot from this one. Hope it might be released in the next days,


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try thisone
on: Fri 01 of Apr, 2005 [21:24 UTC] score: 0.60 Vote: 1 2 3 4 5

Hi, couldnt reproduce your bug, but changed the file a little bit. Check thisone and report if it works for you... link


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not working in nightly tb builds
on: Fri 01 of Apr, 2005 [19:39 UTC] score: 0.60 Vote: 1 2 3 4 5

Error: setting a property that has only a getter Source File: chrome://v_identity/content/v_identity.js Line: 550

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