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... I really learned to like gentoo linux, thats why I like to share my knowledge on some things I installed ...

FIRST: This machine where the pages are served is maybe not running gentoo. They are not hosted at my place, but thats another story.

Biostar iDeq 200V

My System is a Small Form Factor called "Biostar 220 V".

  • CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2500+, 512 MB RAM
  • VIA KM400/KM400A Chipset
  • 200G SATA RAID 1 (2xMaxtor 6Y200M0, Linux software raid)

Gentoo on my iDeq

It is running an Gentoo since I installed it in July 2004 and I really learned too like the machine and the system. It was one of the few systems which worked 'out of the net' at this time for a system like mine, without an oldstyle ide-harddisk or any floppy drive. OPEN PROBLEMS: I didnt found any way to use the ACPI to let the machine sleep and wake it up over the net. (I could wake the computer if it is switched off.) That would really be a nice option, but its not working till now ;(


Sometimes that year I found a patch in the net to control the fans of my machine much better, it was for 2.6.7 and changed the way the it87-driver handled the fan-control. In January 2005 I switched to the gentoo-devel-kernel-2.6.10-r4 and to got a quiet system again, I had to adapt the patch to the new it87-driver.

Below you will find the patchfiles (for gentoo-sources):

Apply this patch cd /usr/src/linux; patch -p0 < it87_manual_and_auto_pwm_2.6.11.patch and you will get extra options to control the system fans. You could change the options under /sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-0290. Or read and maybe use the following ruby-file to change them (it's also copyd from some other place in the net, thanks to the forgotten author): fan.rubyexternal link. If you like some presets made for myself check fan_speed.shexternal link The original sources of the patch:

...many thanks to the authors.

Linux-SATA and S.M.A.R.T. support

Reading the gentoo-wikiexternal link I found a solution to patch my kernel to support smart. I needed it to start the system fans, if my harddisks were getting to hot. They refered to a patch at: link, but this wasn't working out of the box for gentoo-sources... Some of the patches included in this file were still done, so I had to adapt it a little bit (this is the patch for gentoo-sources-2.6.11-r11):

Apply this patch cd /usr/src/linux; patch -p1 < smart_support_for_sata.patch and you will be able to read the smart-data with smartctl -d ata /dev/sda (for instance).

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