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History: VirtualIdentity

Source of version: 48 (current)

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... some months ago I switched from Kmail to Thunderbird - and I really liked it. But i missed the possibility to change my senders identity on the fly, so I wrote this extension...
If you are using Virtual Identity on Windows, please see the ((VIdentity_bug|Bug-Reports)) section.

Have a look in the ((VIdentity_usage|Usage)) section to understand how it works. (there is now a so called SmartReply-Feature) - and check out the new Options dialog.

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  • ((VIdentity_installation|Installation))
  • ((VIdentity_usage|Usage))
  • ((VIdentity_history|History))
  • ((VIdentity_bug|Bug-Reports))
  • ((VIdentity_screenshots|Screenshots))

[|Download Virtual Identity Extension (v.0.3.4)]

[|Download Preview of next Release (v.0.4.0pre2)]

for older versions look in attachments

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