RETicker is a program to display a newsticker as an applet, (or if you like as a window) I looked for a program like that, and the only one I could found was ticker.pyexternal link from mihy. I started to change it for ROXexternal link and then it worked sometime somehow (i hoped so). But as you can see in History, it went on and on and many things had changed, at least there is no code from the original Version left.

Recent Version

RETicker_0.4.5k.tgz, GPG-sig from 5.08.2006


current docexternal link [still only in german, warning: bright colors]


  1. this application needs ROX-Lib (>=1.9.13)
    • if you have any problems with the colors dialog (you will know what this means), use >=1.9.14
    • Versions before 0.4.5pre18.3.04 serve their own patched Version of rox
  2. download the archive and check the signature (gpg --verify RETicker_0.4.5k.tgz.sig)
  3. Extract the archive (tar xfz RETicker_0.4.5k.tgz)
  4. In ROX-Filer click on the icon or drag it to the panel (or try ./AppRun --help an the command line)


(see attachments for files)

  • 5.08.2006: RETicker_0.4.5k.tgz
    • made it resistent against broken data-fields in rss-feeds.
  • 27.11.2005: RETicker_0.4.5i.tgz
    • Bugfix: RETicker didnt started if cached News-File was broken. Now it gives you a message and continues.
  • 24.11.2005: RETicker_0.4.5h.tgz
    • Bugfix: If Choices-Directory was missing, RETicker didnt started.
  • 06.04.2005: RETicker_0.4.5g.tgz
    • Bugfix: Hope I finally found the stupid memory hole. The reason: I calculated the notify mask (see for example extra_win/ directly while setting it - changig the mask to a precalculated value works without memory hole. I dont know why, but it works. I hope so. Comments welcome.
      Added an Debug-Option (you can see it under Programs and dirs in Option Dialog). If you think there is still a memory hole in RETicker, compile Python with debug enabled, set debug value to 1 (debug to console) or 2 (debug to ticker) to get the total reference count.
  • 27.08.2004: RETicker_0.4.5f.tgz
    • Bugfix: make it more stronger in handling special charcters in filenames and urls. Thanks to Jens once again for the bugreport. Please use this version and agree to report any problems ;)
  • 24.08.2004: RETicker_0.4.5e.tgz
    • Bugfix: moving with the arrows of active-tooltip trough all feeds sometimes disabled tooltip, fixed. Thanks to Jens for the info.
  • 20.06.2004: RETicker_0.4.5d.tgz
    • Bugfix: still zombie processes left, looks like I always need two versions to clear one problem ;) Thanks go to Stephen again.
  • 19.06.2004: RETicker_0.4.5c.tgz
    • Bugfix: After opening a webpage, older versions left zombie prozesses in memory - thanks to a tip from Stephen this bug is also removed now. Now the real version is shown in the info dialog too. There was also a problem exiting the program, just forgot to call exit() — uups.
  • 25.05.2004: RETicker_0.4.5b.tgz
    • Bugfix: While offline, older versions left zombie prozesses in memory - this is cleared now.
  • 17.05.2004: RETicker_0.4.5a.tgz
    • Small but maybe importent change: Sebastien reported a problem using RETicker on his machine - the reason was a module with the same name in a different path. Now local pathes are first searched for modules.
  • 28.04.2004: RETicker_0.4.5.tgz
    • proxy-usage repaired (Thanks go to Thierry again) and small things cleaned - thats it. The new, first so called stable Version. Use this version and agree to report any problems ;)
  • 27.04.2004: Ticker_0.4.5pre27.4.04.tgz
    • Refreshing of dc:date-info feeld optimized, now you see it instantly after adding a new source.
  • 26.04.2004: Ticker_0.4.5pre26.4.04.tgz
    • Minor Changes, but completed the german Help file. But it's big now, cause of all the nice pictures - don't know if it stays like that. Overview-Window keeps now up-to-date if you add and remove News-Sources in Options-Dialog.
  • 23.04.2004: Ticker_0.4.5pre23.4.04.tgz
    • Finally this looks like a real pre-release. 0.4.5 isn't far away. Now all code is cleaned, commented, reorganized and only a little testing has to be done. Please report problems, still have no permanent internet connection to find enough of them ;)
  • 17.04.2004: Ticker_0.4.5pre17.4.04.tgz
    • Now you can set a proxy in Options Dialog (thanks to Thierry for the hint). New Sources now are active by default. some bugfixes.
  • 15.04.2004: Ticker_0.4.5pre2.4.04.tgz
    • some minor changes, bugfixes, etc.
  • 29.03.2004: Ticker_0.4.5pre29.3.04.tgz
    • Yeah, finally fount the memory-leak.
  • 18.03.2004: Ticker_0.4.5pre18.3.04.tgz
    • The new Version has no really new features, but has some parts of cleaned code (it will take time to go through all the code) and works now with unpatched ROX-Lib2 v. 1.9.13.
  • 15.03.2004: Thanks to Jens and Andy there is now an english translation of the Help.
    • To use it, copy [Help.txt] in your app directory
  • 11.03.2004: Ticker_0.4.5pre11.3.04.tgz
    • now fetching of news is done by fork(), this improves Performance and dont stops the ticker if you are offline. New Version Number and beta stage, i call it usable ;)
  • 10.03.2004: Ticker_0.4.4pre10.3.04.tgz
    • check out the faster Options-Dialog, still alpha
  • 09.03.2004: Ticker_0.4.4pre9.3.04.tgz
    • this should be the next version in some days/weeks, still alpha
  • 07.03.2004: Ticker_0.4.4pre2.3.04.tgz
    • very alpha preview Version, the way it goes
  • 07.03.2004: Ticker_0.4.3a.tgz
    • actual Version, small change for Mozilla Firefox (thanks to Christian)
  • 26.02.2004: Ticker_0.4.3.tgz
    • actual Version, has German help (the english translation is finished soon for Ticker 0.4.3)
  • 24.02.2004: Ticker_0.4.2.tgz
  • 14.02.2004: Ticker_0.2.4.tgz
    • first published Version, works but has some strong bugs

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