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1<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog.title "Virtual Identity - RDF Mismtach Alignment">
2<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog.removeRelation.label "remove Relation">
3<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog.dialogheader "Account Settings Correlation">
4<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog_identity.desc "Some of the previously stored Identities don't match the current Identitiy-Settings. Please select if the following stored id-relations should be removed or assign those to existing Identities:">
5<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog_identity.caption "assign related Identities">
6<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog_smtp.desc "Some of the previously stored SMTP-servers don't match the current SMTP-Settings. Please select if the folowing stored SMTP-relations should be removed or assign those to existing SMTP servers:">
7<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog_smtp.caption "assign related SMTP-server">
8<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog_identity.old "previous Identity (email / full Name)">
9<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog_identity.count "use-count">
10<!ENTITY "new Identitiy (email / full Name)">
11<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog_smtp.old "previous SMTP (hostname / username)">
12<!ENTITY vident.vI_rdfAccountMismatchDialog_smtp.count "use-count">
13<!ENTITY "new SMTP (hostname / username)">
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