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required translations and layout for new Dialog

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1<!ENTITY vident.vidLogo.label "virtual identity">
2<!ENTITY vident.accPane.prettyName.prefix "virtual Id">
3<!ENTITY vident.composeDialog.storageSave.label "save">
4<!ENTITY vident.composeDialog.storageSave.tooltiptext "save Identity while sending">
5<!ENTITY vident.replySelector.dialogheader.title "Virtual Identity">
6<!ENTITY vident.replySelector.caption.label "Choose a Virtual Identity">
7<!ENTITY vident.vI_Menu.label "Virtual Identity">
8<!ENTITY vident.vI_Menu.Settings.label "Settings">
9<!ENTITY vident.vI_Menu.DataEditor.label "Data-Storage Editor">
10<!ENTITY vident.vI_Menu.storageSave.label "save Identity while sending">
11<!ENTITY vident.vI_Menu.saveBaseID.label "store underlaying base Identity">
13<!ENTITY fccMailFolder.accesskey "P">
14<!ENTITY sentFolderOn.accesskey "e">
15<!ENTITY sentInOtherFolder.label "Other:">
16<!ENTITY sentInOtherFolder.accesskey "O">
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