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1vident.sendLater.warning= With your email-client version it's not possible to use Virtual Identity for Sending Mail Later, Creating Drafts or Creating Templates.\n\n
2vident.sendLater.prefix= Replace Virtual Identity with Default Identity (
3vident.sendLater.postfix= ) ?
5vident.genericSendMessage.error=Virtual Identity Error: Mismatch between whished and realized Identity!
6vident.genericSendMessage.error_post=Sent or Save Mail anyway?
8vident.updateStorage.title=You already have a Virtual Identity stored for this recipient.
10vident.updateStorage.currentIdentity=Given Identity
11vident.updateStorage.storedIdentity=Stored Identity
12vident.updateStorage.query=Do you want to store the given Identity?
14vident.replaceVIdentity.title=You are already using a Virtual Identity.
16vident.replaceVIdentity.currentIdentity=Current Identity
17vident.replaceVIdentity.storedIdentity=Stored Identity
18vident.replaceVIdentity.query=Do you want to use the stored Identity?
19 of virtual Identities virtual Identities virtual Identities underlying Identity) virtual Identities SMTP) virtual Identities underlying Identity & SMTP)
33vident.identityData.SMTP=SMTP server
34vident.identityData.baseID=Base Identity
36vident.smartIdentity.vIUsage= using Virtual Identity as sender
37vident.smartIdentity.vIStorageUsage= using stored Virtual Identity as sender
38vident.smartIdentity.vIStorageCollidingIdentity= New recipient has a different Virtual Identity stored. Ignored.
39vident.smartIdentity.ignoreRegExp= ignoring invalid regular expression.
40vident.smartIdentity.matchExisting= found matching existent Identity.
41vident.smartIdentity.moreThanOne= (more than one address found)
42vident.smartIdentity.remRecipient= removed sender from recipients list.
43vident.getHeader.noHeader= no other headers detected.
44vident.getHeader.headerFound= header(s) found:
45vident.sendNonvirtual.warning= You are going to send this email with a permanently stored Identity. Is this really what you are going to do?
46vident.sendVirtual.warning= You are going to send this email with a virtual Identity. Is this really what you are going to do?
47extensions.{dddd428e-5ac8-4a81-9f78-276c734f75b8}.description= Allows you to modify your Identity settings for a single Mail on the fly.
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