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(edit) @cc4b19   14 years rene adapted FolderPicker? to new css-driven Style (see …
(edit) @7f2d53   14 years rene added option to select default storing of underlaying base identity
(edit) @b9a8f87   14 years rene simplified version comparison
(edit) @ff647c   14 years rene TB 1.5 has no ReplyFollowsParent?, disabled for this version
(edit) @551bc4   14 years rene can't handle overlays for own xul's with seamonkey 1.1.11,so disable …
(edit) @43a1e5   14 years rene fix for ticket 63: added option to fcc to reply directory
(edit) @9803e3   14 years rene (re)added localizations, translations still missing
(edit) @e97c30   14 years rene initial implementation of storageExtras
(edit) @d3938a   14 years rene rearranged to use the new option-flow. prepared for extra storage options
(edit) @e3f6ae   14 years rene rearranged and renamed options, locale only english, not completely …
(edit) @e86500   14 years rene rearranged all locales (by now only english working)
(edit) @4487ef   15 years rene change desc. to CamelCase
(edit) @e35d8e   15 years rene Merged rdf-branch changes r86:102 into the trunk
(edit) @77e90a   15 years rene added folder-selection for Drafts and Templates (not completely …
(edit) @24ee6c   15 years rene clearyfied the description and clustering of some fields
(edit) @6e0bee   15 years rene added feature to check the addressbook only for the first recipient …
(edit) @8a0f50   15 years rene removed experimental settings, repaired replyTo and bugfix for …
(edit) @fd8981   15 years rene added experimental option to disable query on addressbook-update if …
(edit) @42929a   15 years rene added option to set Virtual Identity as Reply-To address (only working …
(edit) @b1aaaf   15 years rene added option to store Identity in AddressBook? also if its a non-Virtual one
(edit) @45202e   15 years rene cahnges to add options for addressbook feature. other than german …
(edit) @f8ffee   15 years rene added some options to configure usage of addressbook
(edit) @0084d6   15 years rene consistently disable smart-reply fields if smart-reply is disabled at all
(edit) @00e70a   15 years rene added option to warn if virtual Identity is used
(edit) @4c28ba   15 years rene import version 0.4.3pre
(edit) @2694fe   15 years rene import version 0.4.1
(add) @9e9bab   15 years root initial import v0.4.0
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