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#1 typos in source code task fixed
#2 Account already created rene defect invalid
#3 5.5.4 … Domain name required for sender defect 0.4.2 invalid
#4 Header not recognized defect worksforme
#5 email doesn’t send defect fixed
#6 dialog doesn't pop up if only one address left rene defect 0.4.2 fixed
#7 Access key for ‘From’ field does not work defect 0.4.2 fixed
#8 uses virtual identity in normal operation defect worksforme
#9 SMTP dropdown Menu too long enhancement fixed
#10 auto-add CC: and Reply-To: headers possible? rene enhancement 0.4.3pre fixed
#11 Normal Identities appear as Virtual Ones / Email-Adresses broken rene defect fixed
#12 virtualIdentity directories in the Mail subdirectory rene defect 0.5.5 fixed
#13 test ticket for email notification defect invalid
#14 missing addressbook-lookups when editing a draft rene task fixed
#15 problem retrieving addressbook entries with similar emails rene defect 0.4.4pre2 fixed
#16 choose smtp for domain used by virtual identities rene enhancement wontfix
#17 Falscher Absender bei normalem Mailaccount rene defect 0.4.3pre fixed
#18 Can't save drafts for virtual identities in correct Drafts folder defect fixed
#19 Need possibility to connect third-pary address with virtual identity defect invalid
#20 larger 'Warning' for "Using permanent ID" "Using Virtual ID" enhancement 0.4.4pre wontfix
#21 selecting a sender from To: list defect invalid
#22 selecting an SMTP server rene defect fixed
#23 selecting a sender without To: list defect worksforme
#24 saved message formatting defect invalid
#25 Virtual Identity broken when used with Newsgroup accounts defect 0.4.4pre3 fixed
#26 Select virtual id from recipient defect fixed
#27 Uncorrect detection utf-8 header defect fixed
#28 thunderbird segfaults if utf8 email is used as recipient rene defect fixed
#29 addressbook-feature doesn't work with Thunderbird 3 alpha defect fixed
#31 VIDs not found in email headers defect 0.4.5pre worksforme
#32 Doesn't work defect 0.4.4pre3 invalid
#33 Doesn't work with SMTP Select defect fixed
#34 When using under OS X 10.4 the colouring of the area behind the To:, CC: etc. fields reverts to white defect 0.5.2 fixed
#35 the "contacts" symbol desapears and is replaced by the "spell" symbol defect worksforme
#36 short help descriptions or hover-over help-balloons rene enhancement 0.4.4 fixed
#37 Crashes Icedove (20080208) on AMD64 defect 0.4.4 fixed
#38 unify how-to-use found Identities task fixed
#39 add found Identities (also if found in storage) to dropdown menu enhancement fixed
#40 handling of stored mails broken defect 0.5.0pre4 fixed
#41 update process not successful defect 0.5.0pre4 fixed
#42 Add option to replace wrong From address defect 0.4.4 fixed
#43 Upgrade to v0.5.0 sticks at upgrade step 2/2 rene defect 0.5.0 fixed
#44 Error vI_storage.elements.Obj_storageSave has no properties rene defect 0.5.0 fixed
#45 Charset settings per recipient rene enhancement 0.4.4 fixed
#46 it asks to use a specific identify, while that is already used defect 0.4.4 fixed
#47 time stamp should be kept when replying rene enhancement 0.5.0 fixed
#48 SMTP-Server not saved correctly defect 0.5.0pre5 fixed
#49 JS exceptions breaking virtual identity defect 0.4.4 fixed
#50 When compsing new mail, virtual identity keeps filling to with an address used once before defect 0.5.2 fixed
#51 breaks compose window in Thunderbird 3 alpha rene defect 0.5.2 fixed
#52 Thunderbird 3: Cannot Compose Message defect 0.5.3pre3
#53 Disable intelligent answer for some contacts enhancement 0.4.4 fixed
#54 How do I remove Virtual Identity???? defect 0.5.2 invalid
#55 How do I remove a virtual identity rene defect 0.5.2 fixed
#56 Wrong sender address in replies defect 0.5.2 fixed
#57 Replies no longer use correct virtual IDs rene defect 0.5.2 invalid
#58 Wrong From/To in reply to a Mailingslist under Windows rene defect 0.5.2 fixed
#59 Incorrect identity always coming out defect 0.5.2 fixed
#60 Deleting a virtual ID defect 0.5.2 fixed
#61 Smart-reply rules to determine 3rd Identity enhancement 0.5.2 invalid
#62 Unobvious how to get rid of saved "recipient-sender" relation defect 0.5.2 fixed
#63 Can not save replies in the folder of the message being replied to defect 0.5.3 fixed
#64 Website SSL certificate is invalid defect fixed
#65 Forgotten addresses rene defect 0.5.4 fixed
#66 misleading output in settings for fcc, drafts and templates defect 0.5.4 fixed
#67 Edit autoreplys enhancement 0.5.0 fixed
#68 Ability to edit identities enhancement 0.5.2 fixed
#69 ReplyTo: Not functioning rene defect fixed
#70 Mayor annoyance on upgrade rene defect fixed
#71 TB 3.0a2pre: FolderView broken in Prefs Dialog in Version rene defect 0.5.5 fixed
#72 <TB2.0b / <SM1.5a: Drafts disabled, but FolderSelections in Prefs shown rene defect 0.5.5 fixed
#73 VI is using the default account instead of the current account defect 0.5.5 fixed
#74 "Switch virtual identity" dialog is confusing enhancement duplicate
#75 "Switch virtual identity" dialog is confusing rene enhancement fixed
#76 outgoing msg stored in default account Sent Items defect 0.5.5 fixed
#77 is sender selection always automatically? enhancement 0.5.5 fixed
#78 reply does not work in 0.5.5 for TB3a1 rene defect 0.5.5 fixed
#79 Virtual Identity Problem rene enhancement fixed
#80 VID Status bar lacks limitation of size and close button when many headers found, and should show only filtered headers // VID will sometimes treat permanently saved identity as virtual identity rene defect 0.5.5 fixed
#81 smartDraft broken in TB3 rene defect fixed
#82 reply choose wrong account defect 0.5.5 duplicate
#83 i seem to have lost my virtual id data base defect worksforme
#84 Website SSL certificate is invalid, not accessible with Explorer rene defect fixed
#85 No saving of record in a LAN rene defect 0.5.5 fixed
#86 No saving of record in a LAN defect 0.5.5 duplicate
#87 Pref. Dialog broken from AddOns-window rene defect 0.5.6pre6 fixed
#88 same virtual Identity might be added twice to the dropdown menu defect 0.5.6pre6 fixed
#89 Do not know how to clean VI stored identities in Thunderbird ? Support task 0.5.5 worksforme
#90 storageExtras not used if colliding with existing identities defect fixed
#91 auto reply-to not synced ifediting draft defect fixed
#92 Identity selection based on wildcards rene enhancement 0.5.5 fixed
#93 'using Virtual Identity as sender' for everything rene defect 0.5.6 fixed
#94 thunderbird -compose From: Virtual Identity task wontfix
#95 Copying text from Send folder not possible rene defect 0.6.0pre fixed
#96 0.6pre causes weird cursor problems rene defect 0.6.0pre fixed
#97 Arrow-up and arrow-down keys broken defect 0.6.0pre duplicate
#98 Needs more documentation rene enhancement fixed
#99 Can't search from directory server when replying rene defect 0.5.7 fixed
#100 Thunderbird 3a3 is out task worksforme
#101 Replying using virtual Id copies the message in the wrong folder defect 0.5.7 invalid
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