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#436 fixed Cannot delete a To: address when replying virtual-id@…

When replying to a message, I cannot delete a recipient email and leave the space blank. The email address reappears when I exit the field.

If I disable all plugins, the problem goes away. If I then reenable Virtual Identity, the problem returns.

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#435 fixed Reminder #427 anonymous <9008a2a7@…>

Sorry to reenter this one (ping it to keep it alive). The reason is: i keep losing connection, because my email address keeps moving every 3 months. Now i got one, that should stay active a little longer, so we can keep in touch... just in case

#433 wontfix Option to use VI or not anonymous

I'd wish for an option to more easily be able to switch VI on or off. Possibility 1: Enable / Disable of add-on does not need a restart of Thunderbird. Possibility 2: The Messages menu can be extended with a switch. Something like this.

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