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#1 fixed typos in source code stelt

Search “vitual” and “Vitual” in your source code and add the “r”

#5 fixed email doesn’t send Avatar-X

I’m having a real problem with Virtual Identity. I’ve upgraded to a new computer and copied over my settings, and I can’t figure out why this is happening.

Whenever I try to send an email with VID, the email doesn’t send. It worked fine on my old machine.

Here’s what happens when I click send:

  • A new account named “virtual Id0″ appears in the background account list
  • Nothing else happens.

Here’s the contents of the debug window. (The last line is where it stops)

Thunderbird (2007060411; Windows NT 5.1)

  • ImportExportTools? (Mboximport enhanced) {3ed8cc52-86fc-4613-9026-c1ef969da4c3} 1.2
  • Signature Switch {2ab1b709-ba03-4361-abf9-c50b964ff75d} 1.4.4
  • Talkback talkback@…
  • Virtual Identity {dddd428e-5ac8-4a81-9f78-276c734f75b8} 0.4.3pre

——————————————————————————– ## v_identity: replace MsgComposeCloseWindow? ## v_identity: adapt GenericSendMessage? ## v_identity: NotifyComposeFieldsReady? ## vI_smartIdentity: msgComposeType = 0 ## vI_smartIdentity: cant get URI of former Message ## v_identity: NotifyComposeBodyReady? ## v_identity: replace GenericSendMessage? (Virtual Identity activated) ## v_identity: VIdentity_GenericSendMessage ## vI_account: Stored virtualIdentity (name Avatar-X email testemail@… smtp smtp2) ## vI_account: Stored (doFcc true fccFolder mailbox:// fccFolderPickerMode 1)

#6 fixed dialog doesn't pop up if only one address left rene Dave

@Dave: thanks for your hints with the popup-window, the real problem was that the description in the options dialog was misleading. I changed this in 0.4.3pre, to use the (first,only,whatever) Identity without interaction you have to activate the button “use first found identity without interaction”, also if you wish to use a dialog to choose if there is more than one.

I don’t think so…

I want interaction if there’s more than one match but just want it to select the matched identity if there is only one. In the last version, at least, I couldn’t find a combination of options that would do this. The closest was selecting “open a dialog…” but not “ask also…” and “use first…”. This worked *unless* my filters were reducing the set of matches to just one. In that case, I wouldn’t get a dialog *and* it wouldn’t use the single match.

That’s the case I fixed.

Is there some combination of options that I missed?

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