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#241 invalid "Can't change identity before sending" rene savonarola@…

I get an alert "Can't change identity before sending" when composing an email with a saved identity. I have to change the identity back and forth to be able to send.

#423 fixed "Deactivate S/MIME sig" not honored Ralf+VirtualIdentity@…

I sign my mail by default. I have "Deactivate S/MIME sig" checked on the "Compose Dialog" tab.

Still Thunderbird tries to sign the message even if I manually modify my e-mail address in the "From" line when replying to a message.

Thunderbird should not sign the message in this case since I'm using a Virtual Identity.

#255 invalid "Edit as New" identity selection rene zax9srxqz3@…

I have an email-based procedure that involves me "editing as new" an email that was sent to me and sending it to a different address, with the original sender's email address remaining in "From". I cannot use Mail Redirect because I have to change the actual To: address.

Sometimes when I do the "Edit as New", VI puts my address in the From field, and sometimes it puts the original sender's there. I can't figure out why. I want the former.

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