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#395 fixed "You already have..." dialog showing identical given/stored identities, ignoring "Use Stored Identity" rene mozkeith2@…

Since 0.9.0 or 0.9.1 (not sure which), I've been running into many cases where I go to send an email, and am prompted with the "You already have a virtual identity for the recipient" dialog. However, the given identity and stored identity are completely the same.

When this happens, I usually choose "Use stored identity", but then it returns to the email and doesn't send it. It only sends it if I choose "OK", even though nothing changes. I did check, and it does NOT create duplicate entries in the database, so it seems to be nothing more than a minor nuisance.

#394 fixed Thunderbird Send button not working rene sullybeck@…

In the past couple weeks, I've started having problems with thunderbird. After starting Thunderbird, for a while everything is fine. I'm able to send messages without a problem. But after a while (and I do ot know what triggers the problem, but it's usually some hours after a restart), the Send button in the compose window suddenly stops working. I compose a message and click on Send and nothing happens (i.e. the compose window remains active... I can continue to edit, but I cannot send). Restarting Thunderbird temporarily clears the problem and I can send mail.

I wasn't sure when I last updated Thunderbird (initially, I was running version 14), so I downgraded to 12 (which definitely predates the problem) and no luck. I haven't yet re-upgraded, so I'm still at 12 in case that turns out to be important.

In the error console, I get the message:

Error: An error occurred executing the cmd_sendButton command: [Exception... "'Error: "currentWindow.document is null" {file: "resource://v_identity/vI_replyToSelf.js" line: 55}?' when calling method: [nsIController::doCommand]" nsresult: "0x80570021 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js :: goDoCommand :: line 96" data: yes] Source File: chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js Line: 100

I turned off all of the extensions and ran for a day with no problems. Then I reenabled them one at a time and ran for a day. Today, it stopped working after reenabling Virtual Identity. In the past few weeks, I've upgraded both java (from JRE 1.7.0u5 to 1.7.0u6) and Virtual Identity (from 0.8.9 to 0.9.2). Not sure which specifically is responsible for the problem... I will continue to test and figure out, but I figure you'd want to make sure that virtual identity worked with the newest java.

I'll update this ticket as I find out anything new, but since each test can take a day, it'll be a bit slow.

#393 fixed Post ng con mittente post rene anonymous

Quando rispondo al post di un ng nel campo del mittente, invece di quello impostato da virtual-id (che compare per un attimo solo), compare quello di chi ha scritto il post a cui rispondo. Scusa l'italiano ma troppa fatica a tradurlo :)

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