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#389 wontfix Thunderbird 3.1.20 rene teeh.drv@…

Hi, I have been using Virtual Identity but since this last Sunday I had a problem with my HDD and had to migrate to another Pc, so now I have Thunderbird updated to 3.1.20 and when trying to install it it says it is incompatible with this TB version, I also tried the Alpha version and same error window.

Any idea ? I thouhgt I saw VI was compatible to latest TB version but I might be wrong. Regards and will wait for your help as I really use VI a lot.

#387 invalid Defaults to storing VI gdinwiddie@…

I'm actually using VI 0.9pre6 with Tbird 13.0.1

When I reply to an email, VI defaults to storing an identity. With Tbird 12 and whatever version of VI worked with it (but didn't work with 13), VI was defaulting to not storing an identity. This might have been selectable, but I can find no way to select it in 0.9pre6.

This is, of course, filling up my VI database with unwanted stored identities. Sometimes it causes problems (as there ARE people I converse with from different email addresses).

#386 fixed VI 0.9pre6 causes TBird composer to fail to send Neil Parks

When I disabled VI, the problem I described in the following post cleared up immediately.

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