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#375 invalid No sending possible plaicouttyo@…

no matter if i install the stable (0.88) or the development (0.9pre3) release on my 9.0.1 Thunderbird, i cannot send or even save emails without completely deactivating the addon.

Is it just me? or some configuration thing? (The config comes from waaay earlier on, where i used an earlier version of virtualidentity, unfortunately the PC died, so i only have backup left.) BTW: The storage is empty, even though i had it transferred from the backup too.

And finally: the profile folder resides on the net, which may cause an additional layer of difficulty. It doesnt for Thunderbird in general.

#374 fixed Draft Folder cant be changed…


is set to "Folder used by Account ..."

When I change it to "Folder used be default account" and click ok it does not change. When I go back to options it is again on "Folder used by Account ...".

Very annoying since one draft after the other appears autosaved in my inbox. Otherwise GREAT product :)! Thx for all the work.

#373 wontfix Please provide some way to donate money to you virtualidentity@…

I just recognized how much Virtual Identity has helped me in the past and want to protect my own future by supporting it financially.

Please provide a way to donate money to you (apart from saying to support Wikileaks in the fight against Paypal). You could still provide banking information to allow for transactions, use flattr or some feedback form, where you ask for some information before replying with your bank account data.

Thanks!, Daniel.

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