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#430 wontfix New message anonymous

Hi sirs, when i write a new message, do i can choose an identity from the ones i have saved?

#428 worksforme Conflict with the extension SmartTemplate4 anonymous

When using Virtual Identity along with the extension SmartTemplate4 ( the Header template defined in SmartTemplate? gets inserted twice with some mails (not with all of them).

I reported that here:

Seems that in certain cases Virtual Identity processes parts of the mail twice so that SmartTemplate? runs its header template processing twice also.

My guess is that a fix needs to be made in SmartTemplate4, but if you could provide helpful information at what point Virtual Identity might cause this it would be nice if you shared some information in the bug I linked above to help find the relevant code part.

#427 fixed possibly duplicate of #418 rene fagoossioth@…

I had virtual identity working years ago on my windows box. Since i shifted to Linux, using Windows + Thunderbird only in virtualbox, i had to disable the extension, because otherwise no send or save message is working. (but since the configuration data is still around in the profile, it may be related to a problem there)

After refraining from use for almost 2 years, i reinstalled the extension, but the problem remains. (At the time, i created a ticket, which got closed (?). now i found some other person running into this, and their issue also got closed. But i can confirm, that it still persists in 0.9.15

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