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#424 fixed VI stopped working with TB 24.0.1 vi2pr@…

After upgrading to TB 24.0.1 I could not use it with VI enabled. There was no automatic filling of from address etc Disabling it then TB worked fine but I liked VI and have used is for last 3-4 years What should I do?

#423 fixed "Deactivate S/MIME sig" not honored Ralf+VirtualIdentity@…

I sign my mail by default. I have "Deactivate S/MIME sig" checked on the "Compose Dialog" tab.

Still Thunderbird tries to sign the message even if I manually modify my e-mail address in the "From" line when replying to a message.

Thunderbird should not sign the message in this case since I'm using a Virtual Identity.

#421 fixed SMTP selection broken with Thunderbird 24? mathieu

I recently upgraded to Thunderbird 24 (actually Icedove 24 under Debian). All Thunderbird works fine. All functionalities of Virtual Identity (e.g. account selection, automatic switch between identities, etc.) seem to work fine too, except the SMTP selection. I have a list of several SMTPs, which used to work fine until the update; now the picker just shows an empty list (see attached).

To isolate the problem, I created a test profile, with just one e-mail account, and just this add-on. Same problem (the screenshot is based on this profile).

I'd be happy to provide any additional information.




* 24.0~b3-2 901

1 experimental/main amd64 Packages

Virtual Identity: 0.9.13

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