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#418 invalid Vitual ID breaks send and save function in TB rene haroldtmunn@…

I use TB 24.0 and Virtual ID 0.9.13. on Windows 7.

By carefully disabling and enabling extensions, I have found that Virtual ID will prevent TB from sending or saving a reply message.

After replying to a received message, I click on the "Send" button and although the button clicks down, the message is not sent, and no dialogue appears. The same thing happens when trying to save the message - no dialogue and no save. I have to completely exit out of TB, restart TB, and then it works fine for a couple of messages, and then the problem re-appears. When Virtual ID is disabled the problem no longer appears.

I don't know if the following error message is related to this problem, but the following appears in the error console:

Timestamp: 11/09/2013 9:18:48 PM Error: prefix not bound to a namespace Source Code: <html:div xmlns="">

#414 fixed OK button in Virtual Identity Settings dialog box doesn't do anything anonymous

I keep clicking on the OK button, but nothing happens. The Cancel button works, however.

I'm using Seamonkey 2.17.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

#413 wontfix Signature Being Stripped and/or Duplicated Brian <b_sleeth@…>

Using Thunderbird 17.0.6 on Windows 7, I have an account with 3 identities. Each identity has its own Signature. I have set the Composition & Addressing options on the account as follows:

  • Compose messages in HTML format (checked)
  • Automatically quote the original message when replying (checked)
    • Then, "start my reply above the quote"
    • and place my signature "below the quote (recommended)"
  • Include signature for replies (checked)
  • Include signature for forwards (checked)

When I click reply/reply-all, the signature on the original email is stripped off, leaving two blank indented/quoted lines at the bottom of the email.

At this point, there are two different problems based (I think) on whether the Smart Reply selected the "From" identity or not.

  1. If the Smart Reply did NOT select the "From" identity, my cursor is placed at the top of the email and the selected identity's signature is placed at the bottom of the email as expected. In this case, so far, the only problem is that the original signature was stripped off of the reply.
  1. If the Smart Reply does select the "From" identity, the selected identity's signature is placed as part of the original email (it is indented with the vertical bars on the left). Additionally, the cursor is placed at the end of the signature (on the bottom of the email).

If I change the "From" identity (using the up/down arrow keys), in the first case (a), the current signature is correctly removed; however, the new signature is added to the original email (as in the case of b).

Once the signature gets added as-if it were part of the original email, each time I select a different identity, the new identity's signature is appended to the email. This causes the email to have my signature added multiple times to the email all of which appear as-if they were part of the original email.

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