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#25 fixed Virtual Identity broken when used with Newsgroup accounts Colin Guthrie


I love virtual identity but it's causing me more and more problems when used with Newsgroup accounts/identities.

I use Gmane to read lots of mailing lists and it's very convenient. However there exists two problems with virtual identity.

Most newsgroups I post with just one email address. This is my primary address for the newsgroup account. When I am viewing a group, I can click new message and the resulting compose window displays correctly and the "Newsgroup:" header is pre-filled with the correct group. Fine. But if I was on, e.g. my regular email account and I hit new message and then selected my newsgroup identity from the list, it would appear as a virtual identity. If I then fill in a Newsgroup header TB reports that it cannot send to news groups because the identity does not support news groups...

I actually think that this is two bugs. Firstly the fact that it does not detect correctly the fact that an identity actually exists, and secondly the fact that it does not create the temporary identities capable of sending to newsgroups.

I hope this makes sense!

I've not put an email on this report due to spam but I will check back regularly.

#26 fixed Select virtual id from recipient Paco Regodón

Hi, i love you add on.

I would like a new feature. I have several accounts configured on Thunderbird. I can receive mails from the same people on each account. (for example, my girlfriend writes me to my home and work emails).

I would like to associate recipients with virtual ids so when i write to a known recipient, i will use allways the same virtual id. (when i reply to my girlfriend i want to allways use my home email)

Hope you like this suggestion.

Again, thanks for a wonderful add on.


Paco Regodón

#27 fixed Uncorrect detection utf-8 header updates at mail ru

In this header virtual-identity uncorrect detect recipient name. Virtual-id email detects correctly.

To: "=?UTF-8?B?0KHQtdGA0LPQtdC5INCa0LDQvNC10L3QtdCy?=" <vilnid@…>

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