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#51 fixed breaks compose window in Thunderbird 3 alpha rene akaihola

After installing Virtual Identity 0.5.2 in Thunberbird 3.0a1pre (2008042703) on Ubuntu 8.04, new messages can't be composed. Thunderbird displays a

Message Compose An error occurred while creating a message compose window. Please try again.

error dialog instead.

#55 fixed How do I remove a virtual identity rene zenon@…

Please please tell me how to stop Thunderbird from entering a virtual identity name I used a year ago and have no more use for. There is nothing under "virtual identity" to say how to remove it. The virtual identity it is using does not appear anywhere in my Thunderbird options!

#57 invalid Replies no longer use correct virtual IDs rene rico-b0v7@…

Prior to 0.5.2 when I did a "reply" to an email it invariably used the correct ID in the "From" line. By correct ID I mean it used the same email address as the "To" line of the mail I'm replying to.

Since 0.5.2 it invariably picks the wong ID (viz wrong email address). It says Found matching existent Identity which always seems to be wrong. In my Options I have "Use smart reply" set, but it isn't at all smart! What do I have to do to get back to the previous behaviour where it used to "To" address of the email I'm replying to?

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