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#280 invalid Using "virtual ID" instead of "virtual identity" when sending mails Groentebroer <groentebroer@…>


I use Virtual Identity 0.6.8 to identify the correct in Thunderbird configured Virtual Identity to sent email messages to a mailing list.

I have "use match with existing identity without interaction" on.

When I am in debugging mode, in the reply window it shows me that it found a match with a existing virtual Identity (ID 7) with the green + sign next to the puppet. (And it tells me it is using an "Virtual Identiy" as sender.)

When I am not in debugging mode, with the same configuration I see the puppet with the green + sign and it also tells me it is using a "Virtual Identity" as sender. It does not show me it is using Virtual identity ID 7 this time, but it shows "virtual Id" instead.

When I now send the message, in both debug as well as not in debug mode, it does not use the Virtual Identity to send the email, but it uses the "virtual Id" to send the email. (This is my conclusion, because of the fact the name of the virtual Identity (ID 7) is not send with the email.)

Could you fix these issues?



#257 fixed Makes Thunderbird show uninteresting headers rene Hermann

After installing Thunderbird shows me some headers that I am not interested in (e.g. x-original-to, received). Even after deactivating and uninstalling the addon these headers are still shown! See attached picture.

How can I get rid of them??


#74 duplicate "Switch virtual identity" dialog is confusing Jay Levitt <jay@…>

If the name in my From: field doesn't match the stored virtual identity, VI helpfully offers to change it for me. However, the dialog is wordy and unclear:


For the recipient 'Macports Development <macports-dev> (email)' the Virtual Identity 'Jay Levitt <lists (Jay Levitt <lists>, micro)' is stored. Should I replace this Identity with 'Jay Levitt <lists-macports> (Jay Levitt <lists>, micro)'?"

There are two basic problems:

  1. I don't know if VI is going to "replace" the identity in the from field with the stored identity, or "replace" the stored identity with the one in the from field.
  1. There's a whole lot of words, and most of them are repetitive.

How about something like this:

You already have a Virtual Identity stored for this recipient.

Recipient: Macports Development <macports-dev>

Stored identity

Name: Jay Levitt
Address: <lists>
SMTP server: micro
Base identity: Jay Levitt <lists>

Given identity

Name: Jay Levitt
Address: <lists-macports>
SMTP server: micro
Base identity: Jay Levitt <lists>

Do you want to:

(Use stored) (Use given, this time) (Use given, every time)

The changes:

  1. Each field is on its own line, and nicely spaced
  2. Any fields that differ from each other are displayed in bold
  3. "Use stored" really just throws away the given identity
  4. "Use given, every time" replaces the currently stored identity, storing the given one

What do you think?

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