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#40 fixed handling of stored mails broken rene

if opening any sended email as a new email, identity got not replaced with virtual one. Might also be happen with any other mail reediting, to be checked

#41 fixed update process not successful rene

using icedove, the update-process from 0.4.4 to 0.5.0pre4 stopps after following steps:

## vI_rdfDatasource read rdf from '/home/MY_USERNAME/.mozilla-thunderbird/MY_TB_PROFILE/virtualIdentity.rdf' starting upgrade.

checking for previous version, found null extension-upgrade required.

so no upgrade is done. Upgrade is retried on every restart of icedove, not sure if storing of identities works well. Reported but not yet reproducible. Any error-messages in the JavaScript Console?


#42 fixed Add option to replace wrong From address Dotan Cohen

When I have a contact with a stored Virtual Identity address, and the To address of the mail that I am writing is different than the stored address for that contact, VI asks if it should change the stored address. In addition, it should give an option to change the address in the To field to the stored address. My workflow makes this situation very common.

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