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Unexpected <> characters appearing when typing in the "From" field in the new message window

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When I write a new message, I used to highlight the From field and type a new value (e.g. xxxxx@…).

When I try this, the system automatically adds an unexpected pair of brackets <> as soon as I slow down my typing. The system may add more <> if I start typing again. The system may also move the unexpected <>. For instance: at some point the From is "vt <>24 <>12 <>-200 <>8 <> <@>", although I only typed "vt2412-2008@". All <> were added by the system. If I keep typing (an additional character: "y"), it gets "vt <>24 <>12 <>-200 <>8 <> y <@>". Notice how the <@> has been moved after the "y" that I typed last.

I couldn't find an explanation for this behaviour in my VirtualIdentity? settings.

Thank you for your tool anyway. By using the Data Storage Editor, I workaround that strange behaviour pretty easily.

Greetings from cold Belgium Olivier

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Hi Olivier,

right, this is a possible problem with 0.6.0pre. Hope to have this solved a while ago. Currently working on a changed storage configuration, there will be a new preview version for 0.6 soon. Till than you hae to stay with 0.5.9 or accept the broken behavior, sorry :-)

Thanks for the report, nice regards, Rene

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