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make stored identities Account-dependent

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What I also noticed is that Virtual Identity stores all information for all accounts together and not per Thunderbird account. This turned out to be a problem because there are some people with whom I converse from different accounts using different From addresses (e.g. business and private). Virtual Identity sucessfully stores the ID and retrieves it regardless of the account the email arrived at. Would be nice if it could somehow also keep the stored virtual identities local to the Thunderbird account so that I could keep my accounts better apart.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by shred

I have the same issue (business and private mail accounts). For me, it would already be helpful if I could disable Virtual Identity on the business account.

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by rene


it's nearly impossible to change the storage in a way that makes it account-dependent, I was not aware of this requirement at the beginning and now it's too late to make such a change - this will require a complete rewrite of a huge partion of the code.

Anyway, your problem seems more the same like the one from ticket #285, which is fixed in the second preview of 0.7. Just give it a test, hope this solves your issues.

Nice regards, Rene

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