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0.6.8 regression

Reported by: developer@… Owned by: rene
Version: 0.6.8 Keywords: regression


When "Smart Draft" is set, VI incorrectly uses the "From" header (instead of "X-Delivered-to" that I told it to use).
When it is not set, VI does not suggest any identity at all. Seems that 0.6.8 considers all emails as drafts.

I reverted to 0.6.7 and everything seems OK

Non-default settings:

extensions.virtualIdentity.copyAttachVCardSettings;true extensions.virtualIdentity.copySMIMESettings;true extensions.virtualIdentity.get_header_notification;false extensions.virtualIdentity.idSelection_ask;true extensions.virtualIdentity.idSelection_storage_prefer_smart_reply;true extensions.virtualIdentity.smart_reply_for_newsgroups;true extensions.virtualIdentity.smart_reply_headers;X-Delivered-to extensions.virtualIdentity.smart_reply_ignoreFullName;true extensions.virtualIdentity.smart_reply_notification;false;false extensions.virtualIdentity.storage_notification;false

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Update: 0.6.8 seems to work fine on my other machine.

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Resolution: fixed
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please check if the related mail's which you reply-to contain some "received"-header. This is the standard way virtual identity detects that you are replying to some received mail, not editing some draft. This way of detecting mails can be disabled in the preferences.

You can additionally activate the debug-output and check, if smart-reply uses smart-draft on this special email.

Closing the ticket by now, please reopen if you can't configure it the right way and post the debug-log. Watch out for confidential information in your log before posting.

Nice regards, Rene

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