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VIDs not found in email headers

Reported by: Neil Smithline Owned by:
Version: 0.4.5pre Keywords:


I’ve been having some troubles with VID picking up my VIDs for awhile but never bothered to track them down. I spent some time on them today and think it is a bug. Below is an excerpt of the headers from the original email. Assuming I have any clue whatsoever I’ve only deleted useless ones. Below that is the VID debugging data. I’ev added a few comments preceded by “” to what I think is happening. Please let me know if the comments are incorrect as it means I’m confused.

Thanks (and happy new year everyone),

— Neil

PS: All email addresses have been mangled to keep the spammers at bay. Assume my ViD is “joeuser@…”.

PPS: I think your site is broken. seems broken giving me “Trac” internal errors about missing the “Trac.web” module.

================================================================ Headers of interest in original email ================================================================ Delivered-To: joeuser@… Return-Path: Subject: Your Webinar Invitation: Join us for “Snowed In? Can’t get to the office? Let CITRIX bring the office to you!” Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 13:56:05 -0500 From: Frank ReplacedForPrivacy? To: Frank ReplacedForPrivacy? Return-Path: Frank.ReplacedForPrivacy@…

================================================================ VID debugging data ================================================================ Startup stuff ## v_identity: replace MsgComposeCloseWindow? ## v_identity: adapt GenericSendMessage? ## v_identity: NotifyComposeFieldsReady? ## initReplyToFields identity.replyTo: ## vI_smartIdentity: msgComposeType = 2 ## vI_smartIdentity: SmartReply?()

Check for VID in address book ## vI_addressBook: Search ‘Frank.ReplacedForPrivacy@…’ in addressbooks. ## vI_addressBook: found 0 card(s) with matching email. ## vI_addressBook: found 0 card(s) with matching email and Full Name. ## vI_addressBook: Frank.ReplacedForPrivacy@… not found. ## vI_smartIdentity: checked for Addressbook-Identities and found 0 address(es) ## vI_smartIdentity: ———————————————————- Strikeout in address book

Now look for headers - delivered-to should match as should “to” ## vI_smartIdentity: reading header ‘delivered-to’ ## vI_smartIdentity: reading header ‘to’ ## vI_smartIdentity: reading header ‘cc’ ## vI_smartIdentity: reading header ‘x-original-to’

Huh? 0 addresses? There should have been two. ## vI_smartIdentity: 0 address(es) after parsing, before filtering

Filtering should drop the “To” address and leave me with just joeuser@… VID. ## vI_smartIdentity: filter emails, compare with ‘’ ## vI_smartIdentity: filtering done, 0 address(es) left ## vI_smartIdentity: ———————————————————- ## vI_smartIdentity: merged SmartReply? & Addressbook, 0 address(es) left ## v_identity: NotifyComposeBodyReady? No sadness - great sorrow :-(

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right, there seems something broken. The headers should be read, if they are found, but at least with the to-header there shouldnt be a problem. Please activate debug-mode again, (restart Thunderbird, if it not shows up in the 3pane window) and have a look at the output after selecting the relevant email. Are the headers are mentioned as recognized there? The press reply, see if it works. Additionally have a look in the Error Console (see under Tools) if some problem was reported.

Regards, Rene

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by rene

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please try with version 0.5.0 (released soon) again and report if problem occurs again. Feel free to reopen the report. Rene

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