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undefined entities in Virtual Identity 0.7.3

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I use Mozilla Seamonkey 2.0.14.

After upgrading to Virtual Identity 0.7.3, when attempting to edit the identities stored, the error message is displayed : ==== Erreur d'analyse XML : entité non définie Emplacement : chrome://v_identity/content/vI_rdfDataTree.xul Numéro de ligne 115, Colonne 3 :

<menu id="tasksMenu" label="&tasksMenu.label;" accesskey="&tasksMenu.accesskey;">

==== which translates to : XML error : entity not defined

Uncompressing v_identity.jar, a search of the enclosed files shows that not only are &tasksMenu.label and &tasksMenu.accesskey not defined, there is no other reference to "taskMenu".

The quick fix is to simply comment out lines 115 to 120 as follows :

		<!-- menu id="tasksMenu" label="&tasksMenu.label;" accesskey="&tasksMenu.accesskey;">
            <menuitem label="&importCmd.label;" accesskey="&importCmd.accesskey;" oncommand="var vI_localRdfDatasource = new vI_rdfDatasourceImporter('virtualIdentity.rdf');"/>
            <menuitem label="&exportCmd.label;" accesskey="&exportCmd.accesskey;" oncommand="var vI_localRdfDatasource = new vI_rdfDatasource(); vI_localRdfDatasource.export('virtualIdentity.rdf')"/>
		</menu -->

After recompressing the corrected v_identity.jar and then the .xpi file, and then reinstalling, the problem was corrected with no apparent secondary effects.

BTW, the ability to now activate virtualIdentity by email account is a very nice feature.

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