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complete disfunctional with thunderbird 24.2.0

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i detected that virtualy identity is disfunctional. While before the To: line was correctly taken as virtual identity now this fails only the default identity of the account is set. I tried to disable all other add-ossue stays. Also if changing the sender by hand it will be overwritten after saving und reediting the email. Additional I get the impression that changing settings only work if reopening thunderbird thereafter.

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I, too, am having this same problem. I can't remember when it started but it is quite possible that it was, as you say, around the same time as 24.2.0 (I'm currently on 26.0).

My problem is that all my email is directed to my domain name service provider in Paris ( where it is redirected to my invisible GMail account. Therefore the 'received' headers all contain my GMail username regardless of what the 'To' specifies. I also BCC every email to my invisible GMail account which may come into play with the virtual id search.

I've tried enabling/disabling various VI options but can't get the results that I was used to.

I don't really need the virtual identity storage -- only the old Smart-Reply function and the ability to edit the 'From' header while composing a message.

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