Jan 7, 2008:

8:18 AM Ticket #33 (Doesn't work with SMTP Select) created by anonymous
I use SMTP Select extensions, and Virtual Identity always try to send …

Jan 6, 2008:

9:50 PM Ticket #32 (Doesn't work) created by Pluckerpluck
When I send an e-mail using a VID the recipient just recieves my …

Jan 2, 2008:

9:16 PM Ticket #31 (VIDs not found in email headers) created by Neil Smithline
I’ve been having some troubles with VID picking up my VIDs for awhile …

Dec 17, 2007:

8:34 PM Changeset [730ee6] by rene <rene@…>
repaired storing of Mailinglist-Cards

Dec 16, 2007:

9:14 PM Changeset [f8f8ea] by rene <rene@…>
rewrite to support newsgroups and mailinglists in the future. …

Dec 9, 2007:

9:22 PM Ticket #25 (Virtual Identity broken when used with Newsgroup accounts) closed by rene
fixed: Hi Colin, thanks for the nice description, many people claimed that …
9:11 PM Changeset [63fe91] by rene <rene@…>
virtual identites for newsgroups now stored in addressbook. major …
9:09 PM Changeset [f94d32] by rene <rene@…>
reconize names if no email is found in parsed textfield
1:29 PM Changeset [eb8a8e] by rene <rene@…>
major change: incoming server is now used from a different account …
1:25 PM Changeset [f75385] by rene <rene@…>
was broken after adding UTF8 support. should work now.
10:56 AM Changeset [12d9a5d] by rene <rene@…>
never ignore newsgroup accounts if searching for a pre-stored Identity
10:23 AM Ticket #29 (addressbook-feature doesn't work with Thunderbird 3 alpha) created by rene
just tested and seems not to work. Further investigation required.
10:19 AM Ticket #28 (thunderbird segfaults if utf8 email is used as recipient) closed by rene
fixed: solved with #77, [77/trunk/chrome/content/v_identity/vI_addressBook.js]
10:13 AM Changeset [910f21] by rene <rene@…>
overall utf8 compatibility
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