Jan 29, 2008:

9:09 AM Ticket #16 (choose smtp for domain used by virtual identities) closed by rene
wontfix: you now can select the default smtp and use another extension (for …
9:07 AM Ticket #33 (Doesn't work with SMTP Select) closed by rene
fixed: done with (pre) release 0.5.0 regards, Rene
9:06 AM Ticket #22 (selecting an SMTP server) closed by rene
fixed: done with (pre)release 0.5.0. Added option to use SMTP-extension, this …
9:04 AM Ticket #2 (Account already created) closed by rene
invalid: never replied, account creation is rewritten by now, so I'll close …
9:02 AM DownloadPage edited by rene
pre-release 0.5.0pre (diff)
8:58 AM HistoryPage edited by rene
pre-release 0.5.0pre (diff)
8:50 AM Changeset [857422] by rene <rene@…>
small upgrade bug,solved
8:37 AM Changeset [0bf30b] by rene <rene@…>
tagged as 0.5.0pre
8:37 AM Changeset [524c35] by rene <rene@…>
updated layout and infotext
8:10 AM Changeset [e35d8e] by rene <rene@…>
Merged rdf-branch changes r86:102 into the trunk

Jan 27, 2008:

5:01 AM Ticket #36 (short help descriptions or hover-over help-balloons) created by linda
I don't know what all the detailed options mean. It would be a nice …

Jan 25, 2008:

3:11 PM Ticket #32 (Doesn't work) closed by rene
invalid: Hi, now I see that you are using gmail. I think there is no chance to …
2:59 PM Ticket #29 (addressbook-feature doesn't work with Thunderbird 3 alpha) closed by rene
fixed: upcoming pre-release 0.5pre will store Identities in RDF instead of …

Jan 22, 2008:

1:37 PM Changeset [61e69b] by rene <rene@…>
added creation of addressbook for mailinglists and newsgroups

Jan 16, 2008:

10:07 PM Ticket #35 (the "contacts" symbol desapears and is replaced by the "spell" symbol) created by thro
after installing virtual-id the "contacts" symbol is desapeared and is …

Jan 11, 2008:

12:52 PM Ticket #34 (When using under OS X 10.4 the colouring of the area behind the To:, ...) created by anonymous
See screenshots showing the difference.

Jan 7, 2008:

8:18 AM Ticket #33 (Doesn't work with SMTP Select) created by anonymous
I use SMTP Select extensions, and Virtual Identity always try to send …

Jan 6, 2008:

9:50 PM Ticket #32 (Doesn't work) created by Pluckerpluck
When I send an e-mail using a VID the recipient just recieves my …

Jan 2, 2008:

9:16 PM Ticket #31 (VIDs not found in email headers) created by Neil Smithline
I’ve been having some troubles with VID picking up my VIDs for awhile …
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