Sep 25, 2011:

11:07 PM Changeset [fadbc5]ng_0.9 by rene <rene@…>
restructured to increase overview
10:42 PM Changeset [284956]ng_0.9 by rene <rene@…>
moved some files to increase overview
9:23 PM Changeset [9cedc0]ng_0.9 by rene <rene@…>
compatibility for conversation plugin
9:03 AM WikiStart edited by rene

Sep 24, 2011:

7:47 PM Ticket #353 (Additional Thunderbird column: Envelope-to) created by absorb.it@…
Users of VI will often receive email to different email addresses, and …

Sep 21, 2011:

7:03 PM Ticket #352 (Pop-up error message received when selecting an identity) created by Neil Parks
Quote: Virtual Identity Error: Can't change Identity before …

Sep 6, 2011:

3:44 PM Ticket #351 (Virtual Identity and Thunderbird 6.01) created by jhinquiry@…
This may be just a language problem but in the description for the …

Sep 3, 2011:

6:36 PM Ticket #350 (Version not Compatible) closed by rene
fixed: fixed with [6cb0d3190a6cb], released in 0.8.6 Thanks for the report.
6:34 PM WikiStart edited by rene
6:33 PM HistoryPage edited by rene
6:32 PM DownloadPage edited by rene
5:51 PM Changeset [7666cb]ng_0.8ng_0.90.8.6 by rene <rene@…>
tagged as 0.8.6
5:48 PM Changeset [6cb0d3]ng_0.8ng_0.9 by rene <rene@…>
seamonkey seems to have no accesslabel for From: defined anymore

Sep 2, 2011:

3:45 PM Ticket #350 (Version not Compatible) reopened by absort.it@…
Dear Rene, It did NOT show up with any virtual ID just a ... in the …
1:52 PM Ticket #350 (Version not Compatible) closed by rene
fixed: Hi George, currently I have no chance to download Seamonkey and test …

Sep 1, 2011:

6:27 PM Changeset [68c9d9]ng_0.8ng_0.90.8.5 by rene <rene@…>
set compatibility for Seamonkey 2.3.*
6:02 AM Ticket #350 (Version not Compatible) created by absorb.it@…
Dear Rene Downloaded the latest version from your site AFTER …

Aug 27, 2011:

8:44 PM Ticket #349 (Incompatible with Thunderbird 3.1.12) closed by rene
worksforme: Hi, just use 0.7.3 - this is the compatibility line for 3.1.12. …
7:51 PM Ticket #349 (Incompatible with Thunderbird 3.1.12) created by cgevrey@…
Tried virtual_identity-0.8.5-tb+sm Incompatible with Thunderbird …
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