Apr 22, 2013:

10:44 PM Ticket #410 (An error occurred while creating a message compose window. Please try ...) created by anonymous
Hi, first I would like to thank you for excellent extension! On one …

Apr 18, 2013:

2:18 PM Ticket #409 (Sent message using Virtual Identity not saved) created by virtual-id@…
IMAP messages sent using Virtual Identity are not saved in the Sent …

Apr 5, 2013:

5:49 PM Ticket #408 (Just wanted to say Thank you!!!) closed by rene
worksforme: Hi, thanks for finding this work useful, great. It's always nice to …
5:48 PM Ticket #405 (VirtualIdentity "Status Message" styling is unreadable) closed by rene
fixed: Hi, thanks for the reminder, released the fix as 0.9.11. Nice …
5:47 PM DownloadPage edited by rene
release 0.9.11 (diff)
5:46 PM HistoryPage edited by rene
release 0.9.11 (diff)
5:46 PM WikiStart edited by rene
release 0.9.11 (diff)
5:36 PM Changeset [f2dbe4]ng_0.90.9.11 by rene <rene@…>
tagged as 0.9.11

Mar 30, 2013:

4:28 PM Changeset [65386f]ng_0.9 by rene <rene@…>
added default style for notification

Mar 29, 2013:

4:30 PM docs/0.9/tab1/tree0 edited by rene
typos (diff)
2:25 PM docs/0.9/tab0/tree3 edited by virtualid@…
Add comment about theis section needing more examples and explanation (diff)
2:16 PM docs/0.9/tab1/tree0 edited by virtualid@…
Rewording to read better (diff)
11:08 AM docs/0.9/tab0/tree0 edited by virtualid@…
Corrected grammar, reworded to make clearer, indicated area needing … (diff)

Mar 28, 2013:

12:16 AM Ticket #408 (Just wanted to say Thank you!!!) created by anonymous
Hi, just wanted to tell you that I was searching for months to get …
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