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released bugfix 0.5.1




The most recent stable Virtual Identity Extension can always be downloaded from (with a small delay after released here). Current stable release is version 0.5.1.

With 0.5.x the virtual Identities are now stored in a separate rdf-File. This keeps your Addressbook clean, enables storage of Identities you used for newsgroups or mailinglists and is compatible with TB0.3a too. Additionally storing the smtp is now accepting the 'default' option (instead of a specific, selected SMTP). As a result Virtual Identity is compatible with SMTP extensions like SmtpSelect. Check out the up-to-date documentation.

pre release

currently no pre-release available.

daily snapshots

Daily snapshots are available in the snapshot download-directory, but they might be unstable or doing something really wrong. So don't use them, if you don't had a look at the changes compared to a stable release before.

Information about previous releases might be found in at my blog.