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Development of Virtual Identity started in 2004. Many changes where made to get rid of included bugs and to follow the development of the Thunderbird Mail Client. Some information about old Versions of Virtual Identity might be found in the now mostly obsolete former

Since 2006 the development-process was documented at, where you can find Information upto version 0.4.3pre.

From September 2007 on I use this Trac to develop the project further. To keep the chronology I uploaded all Virtual Identity Versions from 0.4.0 on into the subversion repository, so you are able to see the changes between the Versions if you check Timeline. Version 0.4.0 was a complete rewrite of the Extension, so it makes no sense to compare the development with former versions.


  • 18th Apr 2008: 0.5.3pre alpha preview of 0.5.3. Includes Data-Storage Editor and possibility to store additional Settings like Charset. No translations included.
  • 26th Mar 2008: 0.5.2 bugfix release to include [168].
  • 19th Mar 2008: 0.5.1 bugfix release to include #43.
  • 12th Mar 2008: 0.5.0 final release 0.5.0. great new features and usablity. enjoy. all bugs (except the layout-related on Macs closed).
  • 21th Feb 2008: 0.5.0pre5 fifth pre-release of 0.5.0. problem with update-Dialog if addressbook was broken - repaired #41. Added sk-SK, es-ES, fr-FR translations from babelzilla.
  • 19th Feb 2008: 0.5.0pre4 fourth pre-release of 0.5.0. now uses recycled MessageComposeDialog-windows to solve bug #37.
  • 17th Feb 2008: 0.5.0pre3 third pre-release of 0.5.0. Added (incomplete) translations.
  • 30th Jan 2008: 0.5.0pre2 second pre-release of 0.5.0. Bugfixes, especially for TB3.0a and Seamonkey.
  • 29th Jan 2008: 0.5.0pre first pre-release of 0.5.0. Stopped development of 0.4.x (there is no 0.4.5 release, was a broken path), changed Identity-storage to rdf. Works now with newsgroups and mailinglists. Storage of default smtp to support SMTP-extensions. Compatible with Tb3.0.
  • 20th Nov 2007: 0.4.5pre3 third pre-release of 0.4.5. Added configuration options to select how and where to store Drafts and Templates.
  • 12th Nov 2007: 0.4.5pre2 second pre-release of 0.4.5. Now you can choose to only query the Address-Book once and ignore other differing Virtual Identities for other recipients.
  • 8th Nov 2007: 0.4.5pre first pre release of 0.4.5. A new feature added by request enables to set a Reply-To Value the same way the Virtual Identity is set. Additionally handling of different Virtual Identities for multiple Recipients is hopefully improved. Some bugfixes.
  • 4th Nov 2007: 0.4.4 finally, the release of the best Virtual Identity extension ever is done. The Address-Book feature is great, thanks to Eric for the nice idea.
  • 25th Oct 2007: 0.4.4pre3 third pre-release. There had been problems if some email-address was more than once in the Addressbook. Now every recipient is searched by primary and secondary email address and if available, by Name.
  • 19th Oct 2007: 0.4.4pre2 second pre-release of new version. Now addressbook is also used if you edit a Draft, cause base Identity (the one which was used to create the Virtual one in the first case) and SMTP-Settings can't be retrieved from the Draft itself. Changed parsing of From:-field to ensure usual Identities to behave like they should. Updated locales.
  • 2nd Oct 2007: 0.4.4pre pre release of upcoming new version. Added support of storing Virtual Identities in your Addressbook. So you won't answer with the wrong Identity anymore, if it works as it should. Some bugs fixed, and some added.