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Virtual Identity is now maintained through this Trac-Page. Please add a ticket or write an email if you have any bug-reports or suggestions. Information about the last releases might be found in at my blog. Last version, surprisingly published by as stable, is 0.4.3pre.

Virtual Identity

Virtual Identity is an extension / add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird and the Mozilla Seamonkey Suite. Using Virtual Identity you can simply edit the sender-address in your email to whatever you like - as long as your mail-server accepts the resulting mail. This is useful especially for people who have an own mail-server and don’t like adding every possible account as an Identity in the mail-client.

The feature to create instant, temporary Identities gives also increased possibilities to reply to other emails. Therefore the Virtual Identity extension contains a feature called Smart-Reply, which creates an identity based on information found in an received email without user interaction.

If you have any comments or bug-reports please create a Ticket or write an email to (just at absorb dot it).